What am I running for?

•    An at large (county-wide) seat on the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC).

•   In the June 2018 Democratic Primary election, you can vote for up to four men and four women for at-large seats on the Committee.

•   You can also vote for two members, one male and one female, from your legislative district.


What is the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee?

•    The Committee is the governing body of the Democratic Party in our county.

•    It is the party’s infrastructure - it organizes voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns to mobilize and empower voters and sets official Democratic policy.

•    It should serve as the local link between you and the party.


Why should you care?

•    There has never been a more important time to get involved locally and elect Democrats.

•    The Committee helps the 378,000 registered Democrats (out of a total of 644,000 registered voters) in the county know the issues, the candidates, and how to get them elected.

•    Voter turn-out in Montgomery County, the largest county in Maryland, can ensure that we elect a Democratic governor in November 2018.


The objectives of the Committee:

"The purpose of the Committee shall be to act as the governing body of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Maryland. This committee shall have the full power and authority to act in respect to all matters pertaining to the organization, maintenance, conduct, affairs and interests of the Democratic Party in Montgomery County, Maryland. It shall be the responsibility of this organization to promote, establish and conduct political campaigns in Montgomery County, Maryland for the nominees of the Democratic Party and to act as spokesman for the Democratic Party in this County on all questions of public policy."  (Bylaws of the MCDCC, Article II)