Democratic leaders and activists who support Erwin Rose for Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee:

Albornoz, Gabe (candidate, County Council at large; former MCDCC Chair)

Amano, Lynn Jordan (candidate for Board of Education, D-3)

Anderko, Keith T. W.

Bhatnagar, Shruti (candidate, County Council at large)

Bradbury, Christopher Delgado (candidate, MCDCC )

Brand, Carole

Briscoe, Kelly

Britto, Karen (former Chair, MCDCC; former State Delegate, D-16) 

Carr, Al (State Delegate, D-18; candidate for re-election)

Coffield, Charlotte

Colbert, Tom

Conrad, David

Durbin, Eden Fisher

Elrich, Marc (County Councilmember, at large; candidate, County Executive)

Friedlander, Tracey

Gansler, Doug (former MD Attorney General)

Gildenhorn, Stan (former Chair, MCDCC)

Goldberg, Scott (candidate, MCDCC)

Goldman, Marjorie (candidate, MCDCC)

Griffin, Mary

Hucker, Tom (County Councilmember, D-5; candidate for re-election)

Kagan, Cheryl (State Senator, D-17; candidate for re-election)

Katiti, Betsy 

Kaufman, Aaron (candidate, MCDCC)

Kessler, Rick (treasurer, Friends of Erwin Rose)

Kilpatrick, Lance

Knappen, Mike

Kolko, Linda Borst

Kunes, Dave (candidate, MCDCC)

Mack, Kevin (candidate, House of Delegates, D-15)

Madaleno, Rich (State Senator, D-18; candidate for governor)

Madsen, Caren

Mandel, Rich

Markowitz, Marcy & Ken

Montgomery County Green Democrats

Moral, Jazmin (candidate for MCDCC)

Mulitz, Barbara

Rice, Craig (County Councilmember, D-2; candidate for re-election)

Schwartz, Cindy 

Shetty, Emily (candidate, House of Delegates D-18)

Singer, Jenilee Keefe

Smaczniak, Kim (chair, Friends of Erwin Rose)

Smith, Will (State Senator, D-20; candidate for re-election)

Solomon, Jared (candidate, House of Delegates D-18)

Spiegel, Beth & Steve

Spielberg, Debbie

Tognetti, Sylvia

Tyson, Patricia 

Waldstreicher, Jeff  (State Delegate, D-18; candidate for State Senate)

Weissberg, Vic

Whitehouse, Tim

Wilhelm, Chris (candidate for County Council at large)

Sandy Zimmet